Fourth national mental health plan: measurement strategy

NMHP PI 6a Proportion of secondary schools with mental health literacy component included in curriculum

Page last updated: May 2011

  • Strategic issue - Prevention and Early Intervention.
  • Rationale - Evidence suggests that mental health literacy programs in schools enhances resilience in young people, promotes early detection and intervention, whilst decreasing stigma. Substantial investment has been made in Australia to implement school-based mental health literacy programs.
  • Endorsement status - Endorsed by AHMAC Mental Health Standing Committee, February 2011.
  • Date last updated - January 2011.
Indicator details
National Mental Health Performance Framework
Data collection details

Indicator details

  • Description - Proportion of secondary schools using MindMatters within their curriculum.
  • Numerator - Number of secondary schools using one of more aspects of MindMatters in their curriculum.
  • Denominator - Number of secondary schools.
  • Computation - (Numerator Denominator) x 100.
  • Calculation conditions
    • Coverage/Scope - Australian secondary schools.
  • Definitions - Mental health literacy included in curriculum: use of MindMatters.
  • Presentation - Percentage.
  • Disaggregation - State/Territory, and age, subject to sample size.
  • Is specification interim or long-term? - Long-term.
  • Reported in - Results of secondary school surveys are at the mind matters website. Top of page

National Mental Health Performance Framework

  • Tier - Tier II - Determinants of Health.
  • Primary domain - Community capacity.
  • Type of measure - Output.
  • Level at which indicator can be useful for benchmarking - State/Territory.

Data collection details

  • Data source(s)
    • Numerator - Principals Australia–surveys conducted by Australian Council for Educational research (ACER).
    • Denominator - Principals Australia–surveys conducted by ACER.
  • Data source(s) type
    • Numerator - Survey
    • Denominator - Survey
  • Frequency of data source(s) collection
    • Numerator - Periodic. Secondary school surveys conducted to date: 2006 and 2010.
    • Denominator - As per Numerator.