1. Participation rates by people with mental illness of working age in employment
  2. Participation rates by young people aged 16-30 with mental illness in education and employment
  3. Rates of stigmatising attitudes within the community
  4. Percentage of mental health consumers living in stable housing
  5. Rates of community participation by people with mental illness
  6. Proportion of primary and secondary schools with mental health literacy component included in curriculum
  7. Rates of contact with primary mental health care by children and young people
  8. Rates of use of licit and illicit drugs that contribute to mental illness in young people
  9. Rates of suicide in the community
  10. Proportion of front-line workers within given sectors who have been exposed to relevant education and training
  11. Rates of understanding of mental health problems and mental illness in the community
  12. Prevalence of mental illness
  13. Percentage of population receiving mental health care
  14. Readmission to hospital within 28-days of discharge
  15. Rates of pre-admission community care
  16. Rates of post-discharge community care
  17. Proportion of specialist mental health sector consumers with nominated GP
  18. Average waiting times for consumers with mental health problems presenting to emergency departments
  19. Prevalence of mental illness among homeless populations
  20. Prevalence of mental illness among people who are remanded or newly sentenced to adult and juvenile correctional facilities
  21. Proportion of total mental health workforce accounted for by consumer and carer workers
  22. Proportion of services reaching threshold standards of accreditation under the National Mental Health Standards
  23. Mental health outcomes for people who receive treatment from State and Territory services and the private hospital system
  24. Proportion of consumers and carers with positive experiences of service delivery
  25. Proportion of mental health service organisations publicly reporting performance data