Carers identified?

Report of the project "Identifying the carer" to develop nationally consistent policies and good practice protocols to identify carers of people with a mental illness, and to provide nationally consistent information for carers on admission to a service.

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Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia)
engage, empower, enable choice in private mental health

National Secretariat
PO Box 542, Marden, SA 5070
Phone: 08 8336 2378

Project Manager: Ms Janne McMahon
Project Officer: Mrs Judy Hardy

"It is not morally defensible to continue to allow families to carry the burden of care without giving them the information, training and support necessary to bring about better outcomes for the patient, as well as better outcomes for the carers themselves."

Dr. Margaret Leggatt in her chapter Meeting the Challenges in Families as Partners in Mental Health Care, 2007