Report of the National Advisory Council on Dental Health

Chapter Four - Causes of Poor Oral Health

The National Advisory Council on Dental Health (the Council) was established as a time-limited group to provide strategic, independent advice on dental health issues, as requested by Minister for Health and Ageing, to the Government. The Council’s priority task was to provide advice on dental policy options and priorities for consideration in the 2012-13 Budget.

Page last updated: 03 September 2012


      What the earlier chapters have shown is that visiting patterns are a risk indicator of poor oral health and that favourable visiting patterns, which include a yearly preventive check–up, can help reduce the risk of poor oral health. In this sense reducing unfavourable visiting patterns and increasing favourable patterns can make a contribution to improving oral health across the population. Identifying the reasons for poor visiting patterns can help determine some of the key reasons for poor oral health and assist in the development of short– and long–term options for improving oral health. Factors other than visiting patterns can also play a role. The reasons for poor access are complex, often based on structural issues of affordability, geographic location and the organisation, delivery and financing of dental services.