Report of the National Advisory Council on Dental Health

Basic Preventiive and Treatment Services

The National Advisory Council on Dental Health (the Council) was established as a time-limited group to provide strategic, independent advice on dental health issues, as requested by Minister for Health and Ageing, to the Government. The Council’s priority task was to provide advice on dental policy options and priorities for consideration in the 2012-13 Budget.

Page last updated: 03 September 2012

      For the proposals set out below, the Council considers that basic preventive and treatment services should include diagnostic, preventive and routine services, but exclude ‘elective’ services such as crowns and implants. This approach allows for a focus on oral health prevention and early intervention. These account for approximately 90 per cent of services, but only two–thirds to three–quarters of the total costs. For more detail refer to Appendix K.

      However, some patients may require more complex high–end dental care which is not categorised as diagnostic, preventive or routine. Patients would be given access to clinically necessary complex care items in exceptional circumstances.