Review of the effectiveness and validity of operations of the MAIF Agreement:Research Paper

3.3 The analysis completed was structured and rigorous

Page last updated: 18 June 2012

Nous undertook a structured and rigorous approach to analyse the data and evidence gathered during Stage 1 (Research) and Stage 2 (Stakeholder consultation).
The following key steps were undertaken:

  • synthesis of research findings
  • compilation of survey responses against stakeholder categories
  • analysis of quantitative and qualitative survey responses
  • comparison of data collected in the interviews and surveys
  • preparation of the synthesis of evidence against each review question
  • circulation of a ‘Draft Consultation Summary’ to all stakeholders that contributed to the Review seeking further feedback on the outcomes of the consultations
  • assessment of the synthesised evidence to determine insights and key findings.
This approach ensured that the insights gained and the key findings identified were valid and would support consideration and implementation of the review recommendations.

The evidence gathered and the outcomes of the analysis are outlined in the ‘Insight’ boxes and the ‘Discussion’ sections in Sections 4 and 5.