The National Breastfeeding Helpline Evaluation report

2.1 Evaluation framework

Page last updated: 13 February 2013

Development of the project evaluation framework was informed by the desktop review of program documentation and administrative data, and the further direction provided by the Department.

The program logic provided the context for the initiative including the community need being addressed, the wider policy context and tracks the program inputs, activities and outputs to show how the Breastfeeding Helpline will deliver on desired outcomes.

The evaluation questions were developed to measure achievements of the Breastfeeding Helpline towards the intermediate outcomes identified in the program logic.

A set of realistic and practical indicative indicators were developed for measuring performance that have regard for minimising the burden on stakeholders and the volunteer nature of the workforce. Potential data sources to populate the indicators were identified from existing data sources and an assessment of suitable methods for the generation of new data to meet information gaps within the timeframe of the evaluation. The new data sources were refined in the process of completing the consultation plan incorporated into the project plan.

The evaluation framework is provided at 0.