The National Breastfeeding Helpline Evaluation report


Page last updated: 13 February 2013

The ABA is supported to market its education and training for volunteers and health professionals.


The ABA structure includes a Marketing Coordinator and a Health Professional Seminar Coordinator. The ABA website provides a vehicle for advertising training opportunities and events which are also disseminated through the ABA’s newsletters and network.

Strategies to encourage participation

Attracting volunteers to the counsellor course is being facilitated by the benefit that can accrue to the volunteer through a career pathway and the future possibility of progression to the Diploma course. A survey of 80 per cent of ABA volunteers found that 80 per cent were using their training in their paid work and 27 per cent gained work as a result of their ABA training.

Development of the Diploma course responded to an interest expressed by health professionals who make up approximately 40 per cent of ABA volunteers. This is likely to attract other health professionals with potential benefit to the sector and the ABA.

Training is delivered in a mix of methods to facilitate participation and promote self guided learning. This includes virtual study groups facilitated by trainers, face to face workshops and weekend activities.


ABA education and training is marketed through formal and informal mechanisms and networks. A range of strategies is used to encourage participation having regard for access, commitments and the needs of volunteers and health professionals.