National Women's Health Policy

Developing the goals

Page last updated: 07 February 2011

Based on feedback from the consultation process and information drawn from Australian health data and recent research on the social determinants of health, the goals were developed. The goals of the National Women’s Health Policy are to:

1. Highlight the significance of gender as a key determinant of women’s health and wellbeing.
2. Acknowledge that women’s health needs differ according to their life stage.
3. Prioritise the needs of women with the highest risk of poor health.
4. Ensure the health system is responsive to all women, with a clear focus on illness prevention and health promotion.
5. Support effective and collaborative research, data collection, monitoring, evaluation and knowledge transfer to advance the evidence base on women’s health.

There were different views about which health issues should feature in the new policy, but all agreed that the new policy should lead and influence action across governments to ensure the best health outcomes for women. A more detailed discussion of the priority health issue areas identified by women through the consultations and submissions are contained in Chapter Three.