National Women's Health Policy

The principles

Page last updated: 07 February 2011

The National Women’s Health Policy discussion paper proposed five principles, drawn from the 1989 policy, that were used as the starting point for the consultation discussions and the written submissions. These principles were:

  • gender equity;
  • health equity between women;
  • a life course approach to health;
  • a focus on prevention; and
  • a strong and emerging evidence base.
Overall these principles were strongly endorsed both through the consultations and the submissions. The responses give an insight into what these principles mean for Australian women in 2010.

Across all discussions of the principles, the clear message was a desire to have a health policy that was based on the whole person and her social context. Providing holistic and integrated services for women was the most frequently supported service-delivery principle.

The following section outlines the feedback received through the consultation process that has informed the basis of the policy.