Oral Health Therapist Graduate Year Program (OHTGYP) - Program Guidelines

6. Anticipated Key Dates

Page last updated: 03 April 2013

The following table provides an overview of the anticipated timelines for the program
MilestoneAnticipated Dates
Commonwealth to undertake an open Invitation to Apply process to select and administrator to administer the programBy March 2013
Funding agreements between the Commonwealth and the administrator signedBy April 2013
Administrator to develop a national implementation model and conduct a selection process to select appropriate dental services to take a OHTGYP placement(s), which will include the assessment of infrastructure projects proposed by the service providers to support the placement(s)By July 2013
Funding agreements between the administrator and the service providers signedBy August 2013
Administrator to establish an application and assessment processes for interested OHT graduates and conduct a selection process to select OHTGYP participants, including:
  • Advertise for OHT graduates and assess applications
  • Rank applicants and select participants
  • Match graduates to appropriate service providers
  • Formalising agreements with participating graduates
  • Notify unsuccessful applicants
By October each year for the following academic year
Facilitate and support annual OHTGYP placementsFebruary – December (or recognised academic year)
External Program evaluationJanuary 2014 – February 2016

Further detail about implementation requirements is outlined at Section 7.