Oral Health Therapist Graduate Year Program (OHTGYP) - Program Guidelines

8. Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Page last updated: 03 April 2013

a. OHT graduates

The administrator will undertake a formal application and assessment process annually to select OHT graduates to participate in the program. Applications received outside of the formal application process will not be considered.

The application documentation will be developed, and may be amended from time to time, in consultation with the Department. Applications will be assessed each year on the following core eligibility and selection criteria, at a minimum.


OHT graduates need to meet the following core eligibility criteria to be considered for an OHTGYP placement:

  • applicants must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia;
  • applicants must have successfully completed an Australian accredited three year bachelor program of study in the dual streams of dental hygiene and dental therapy in the academic year prior to the year of the OHTGYP placement; and
  • applicants must have general registration as an Oral Health Therapist with the Dental Board of Australia with no restrictions, or ability to gain this registration prior to a placement.

Applications which do not satisfy the core eligibility criteria will not be assessed further.

Selection criteria

Applicants must address the following selection criteria and any additional criteria included in the formal application form:

  • the ability to commence a full time OHTGYP placement and undertake development activities in accordance with program timelines;
  • achievements in oral health studies;
  • the ability to undertake a OHTGYP placement in an area of need (location, setting and/or client based need), and an indication of preferred placement options;
  • the ability to undertake a range of rotations, which may involve travel, and an indication of preferred rotation options;
  • the goals the applicant aims to achieve from participating in the OHTGYP, including the benefits of proposed placement options, where applicable; and
  • longer term career goals and/or plans.

Additional criteria may be added to the application form in recognition of pressures in specific areas of need (location, settings and/or client based needs) or other emerging issues.

Order of merit

Based on the information provided by applicants, the Selection Advisory Group (SAG) will assess and score applications against the criteria and develop an order of merit (ranking). The SAG may seek referee reports or interview applicants in finalising the order of merit. Expert groups may also be established to assist in the assessment of applications.

The SAG will make recommendations to the administrator regarding the assessment outcomes and order of merit.

Selection of Oral Health Therapist graduates

OHTGYP placements will be offered to applicants ranked highest on the order of merit. The offer of a placement cannot be deferred to a future year. Should an applicant decline the offer of an OHTGYP placement, an offer will be made to the next person on the order of merit, and so forth, until all available placements are filled. The order of merit is applicable for one academic year only.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application. The order of merit will not be disclosed and applicants will not be informed about their ranking.

Unsuccessful applicants can not appeal the selection decisions of the administrator.

b. Service providers

The administrator will also undertake an application process to identify and assess service providers wishing to host OHTGYP placements, based on the following eligibility and selection criteria, as a minimum.

Assessment of infrastructure projects relating the OHTGYP will also be assessed as part of this process.


Service providers will need to meet the following core eligibility criteria to be able to host OHTGYP placements:

  • must have appropriate insurances in place that would cover OHTGYP participants; and
  • must provide, or have the ability to provide, dental services to its clientele.

Service providers that cannot meet the core eligibility criteria will not be considered further.

Selection criteria

The administrator will consider a service provider’s ability to meet the following criteria in assessing its suitability to host an OHTGYP placement (including for rotational experiences).

  • Provision of public sector services;
  • Provision of service to areas of need (location, setting and/or client based need);
  • The ability to provide broad, advanced and/or unique experiences to OHT graduates, in line with the curriculum and OHTGYP objectives and outcomes;
  • Appropriate resources to support a OHTGYP placement (or the ability and a plan to establish this prior to commencement of placements);
  • The ability to partner or network with other service providers to facilitate a broad range of experiences for OHT graduates;
  • The ability to host more than one OHT graduate at a time or host graduates on a continuing basis throughout the academic year; and
  • The ability to support OHTGYP placements over three academic years (2014-2016).

Applications seeking infrastructure funding will be assessed against the following additional criteria:

  • the extent to which the proposed infrastructure project will improve the service’s capacity to host one or more OHT graduates;
  • the extent to which the project will be targeted at and directly support OHTGYP placements;
  • the extent to which the oral health service could facilitate broader, more advanced or unique experiences to OHT graduates, including in areas of need (location, setting and/or client based need);
  • the scale and complexity of the proposed project;
  • the length of time required to complete the project;
  • whether the project builds on existing resources or other infrastructure projects currently underway; and
  • the cost and value for money.

Criteria may be amended annually in recognition of pressures in specific areas of need (location, settings and/or client based needs) or other emerging issues.

Selection of service providers

Applications will be assessed and ranked on the above criteria, with the aim of selecting service providers that can provide suitable and worthwhile OHTGYP placements in line with the curriculum, these guidelines and the OHTGYP objectives and desired outcomes. Consideration may also be given to distributional factors (location and settings) when ranking applications. Further information may also be sought from the applicant or other bodies in determining the ranking of service providers.

The administrator may establish a Selection Advisory Group (SAG) to assess service provider and infrastructure proposals. Expert groups may also be established to assist in the assessment of applications.

The administrator will need to match participating OHT graduates with service providers each year. It is possible that not all successful applicants will host a OHTGYP placement at any given time or continuously over the three academic years (2014–16).

Applicants do not need to reapply each year. Services receiving infrastructure funding will be required to commit to being able to provide OHTGYP placements for the duration of the program (until 2016. If a service provider can longer support a graduate placement, there may be a requirement to repay a proportion of funding to the Commonwealth.

The ranking of service providers may be adjusted in future years based on applications from new services or due to changes in OHTGYP priorities and selection criteria. Service providers may choose to submit a new application against the amended priorities or criteria.