The Department will be conducting a formal evaluation of the OHTGYP. The administrator will be required to contribute to the evaluation of the OHTGYP by providing qualitative or quantitative data as required by the evaluator of the program. It is anticipated that the evaluation will consider a number of factors to be determined once an evaluator has been appointed including:

  • Number of OHTGYP graduates placed and completing the program;
  • Number of OHTGYP graduate days available for service delivery;
  • Average number and type of rotation the graduate has experienced;
  • Number and profile of graduate application (academic grades and background);
  • Number of applicants compared to places available;
  • Percentage of graduates accepting placements;
  • Graduate application rates in subsequent years;
  • Number and profile of mentors participating in the program;
  • Graduate satisfaction with mentors;
  • Percentage of graduates reporting the program met or exceeded expectations;
  • Graduate drop-out rates;
  • Percentage of graduates offered full-time position in public sector or other areas of need;
  • Number of patients, number of services and patient type, number of procedures per graduate and overall;
  • Graduate views on public dental sector as a career choice;
  • Impact of the program on services provided and patients seen; and
  • Did the program provide enhanced opportunities for graduates?

The Department will engage an evaluator through a procurement process to develop an evaluation framework and conduct the evaluation of the program. It is anticipated that the evaluation will commence in 2014 when the first cohort of graduates commence the program.