This chapter describes the methodological organisation of this evaluation. The Department sought tocombine the evaluation of two complex workforce initiatives, recognising similarities between the two independent Programs. The methodology takes into consideration a number of factors:

  • that many community stakeholders have an involvement in both Programs;
  • that many university academics and senior staff have knowledge and experience of both Programs; and
  • that clinicians and students themselves may have had experience of both Programs.
In addition, the Programs themselves share similar aims while operating with different mandates. Accordingly, a framework was chosen under which both UDRHs and RCSs could be examined while maintaining separate analyses of the unique achievements and challenges for both Programs.

2.1 Project inception
2.2 Design of the evaluation framework
2.3 Consultation with RCSs and UDRHs
2.4 Review of literature
2.5 Analysis of qualitative data
2.6 Analysis of quantitative data
2.7 Consultation with the Department