Evaluation of the University Departments of Rural Health Program and the Rural Clinical Schools Program

UDRH Site Profile: The Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health

Page last updated: 2009

Site Detail60

Name and address of main site

The Combined University Centre for Rural Health
167 Fitzgerald Street
Geraldton WA 6530
(PO Box 109 Geraldton WA 6531)

Collaborating universities

University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University. Notre Dame University and Murdoch University (as at June 2008)

Number and location of additional sites (with office space and personnel)

1 additional site: Port Hedland

Mission statement

CUCRH will significantly contribute to the health of rural and remote Western Australian communities through education, professional development and research.

Start date


Total staffing numbers

23 staff

Student numbers

1-2 w Under

2+w Under

1-2 w Post

2+w Post



2008 (Jan-June)


Capital works and facilities as at July 2008


  • Seminar room for 25
  • Multi purpose room for 50
  • Tele-conference room for 6 which can be used as classrooms if/when required
  • Video-conferencing facilities available
  • (These rooms also shared with collaborators if available)
  • 1 student computer laboratory and resource (library) area
  • Student accomodation is at the Geraldton Regional Hospital through an MOU and an annual payment from CUCRH to WACHS

Port Hedland62

  • Staff office with facilities for 3 staff, 89m2
  • 1 classroom
  • Room with 6 student work stations

Main areas of research interest

  • Aboriginal health
  • Workforce capacity research
  • Health services research and development
  • Population health
  • Mental health service
  • Primary health care research
  • Physical activity projects
  • Farm safety
  • Fellowship support

60Data and information provided by the UDRH, as at August 2008 unless otherwise specified
61Figures sourced from 2007 six-monthly reports
62Commonwealth Capital funding (2007/08) was utilised to secure accomodation and fittings for our (long term lease) satellite office in South Hedland.