Name and addresss of main site

Centre for Remote Health (CRH)
PO Box 4066
Alice Springs
NT 0871

Collaborating Universities

Flinders University
Charles Darwin University

Number and location off additional sites (with office space and personnel)

Alice Springs

office space to accommodate 32 people; total staff of 26


office space to accomodate 8 people; total staff of 4


office space to accomodate 1 person; total staff of 1

Mission Statement

To contribute to the improved health outcomes of people in remote communities of the Northern Territory and Australia, through the provision of high quality tertiary education, training and research focusing on the discipline of Remote Health.

In particular, the Centre contributes to improved Indigenous health outcomes through partnerships with Aboriginal communities.

  • To be recognised nationally and internationally as the leader in Remote Health education, training and research
  • To be recognised as the leader in developing and documenting the knowledge base which underpins Remote Health policy and service delivery through high quality research
  • To be recognised as the major source of information relating to Remote Health to universities, policymakers and practitioners
  • To increase Indigenous participation in education, research and management
  • To contribute to the preparation of a high quality Remote Health workforce through Remote Health education and training
Underlying Principles: These principles outline the Centre's philosphy and provide guidelines for decision-making in order for the Centre to realise its Mission and Aims.
  • Promote a multidisciplinary approach
  • Promote and support culture of collaboration
  • Promote equity, particularly in relation to attracting and retaining Aboriginal staff and students
  • Reflect a balance of support for programs of both universities
  • Provide and promote a culturally safe environment

Start date


Total staffing numbers

31 staff

Student numbers

2008-for period January to end of July only1-2 w Undergrad2+w Undergrad1-2 w Postgrad2+w Postgrad

Capital works and facilities as at July 2008

Alice Springs: Offices and teaching spaces - 4 lecture rooms, one small tutorial room, 1 meeting room, and one 8 bed students house.

Katherine: Office space to accomodate 8 people and meeting room; 5 bed student unit.

Darwin: 1 small office

Main areas of research and interest

CRH has a well established research programme. Research is conducted in response to community and health service needs and is underpinned by the principles of collaboration and capacity building.
Areas of research focus include:
  • Remote area health services research
  • Research on education, measurement and planning in remote area health,
  • Research incorporating social determinants of health,
  • Workforce development research.