Evaluation of the University Departments of Rural Health Program and the Rural Clinical Schools Program

UDRH Site Profile: The University of Melbourne School of Rural Health

Page last updated: 2009

Site Detail48

Name and address of main site

The University of Melbourne School of Rural Health
49 Graham Street
(PO Box 6500)
Shepparton VIC 3632

Number and location of additional sites (with office space, personnel)

In 2008 2 additional sites; Ballarat, Wangaratta (these are full campuses like Shepparton)

Mission statement

Improved health of rural Australians through health education research, and promotion of rural health careers as "A road best taken".

Start date


Total staffing numbers

27 staff (13.9 FTE)

Student Numbers

1-2 w Under

2+w Under

1-2 w Post

2+w Post



2008 (Jan-June)


Capital works and facilities as at July 2008


  • 4 tutorial rooms
  • 1 computer lab
  • Library
  • Accomodation for 56 total in two locations (Wendouree Parade and Drummond Street)


  • Clinical skills lab
  • 5 teaching rooms (includes 2 conference rooms, 1 boardroom, 1 tutorial room and 1 meeting room)
  • Lecture theatre which seats 96 people
  • Library
  • Computer lab
  • 55 bed accomodation (of which 11 beds are dedicated for UDRH use)


  • 3 teaching rooms (2 tutorial rooms and 1 conference room)
  • 32 bed accomodation

Main areas of research interest

  • Rural health workforce
  • Indigenous and cross cultural health
  • Mental health
  • Rural consumer and patient health

48Data and information provided by the UDRH, as at August 2008, unless otherwise specified.
49Figures sourced from 2007 six-monthly reports