Evaluation of the University Departments of Rural Health Program and the Rural Clinical Schools Program

UDRH Site Profile: Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health

Page last updated: 2009

Site Detail45

Name and address of main site

Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health
PO Box 973
Moe VIC 3825

Number and location of additional sites (with office space, personnel)

No others with office space and personnel
Mildura and Bairnsdale have no accomodation

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

MUDRIH will be acknowledged as a key voice of rural health locally in Gippsland, across Victoria, nationally and internationally based on its:
  • leadership in the field
  • leading edge commitment to local, national and international excellence
  • leadership and commitment to Indigenous wellbeing and health
  • significant contributions to education, research and workforce initiatives
  • excellence in communication and information management
  • strategic alliances, networks and partnerships with Gippsland, other rural communities and rural health individuals and groups
  • quality of its people.

Start date


Total staffing numbers

28 (21 Academics, 7 Administration)

Student Numbers

1-2 w Under

2+w Under

1-2 w Post

2+w Post



2008 (Jan-June)


Capital works and facilities as at July 200847


  • 18 offices
  • 1 video-conference meeting room


  • 1 office
  • One 4 bedroom house


  • One 4 bedroom house

Main areas of research and interest

  • Population health/public health
  • Mental health research
  • Interprofessional education/learning and practice
  • Rural health workforce
  • Indigenous health and education research

45Data and information provided by the UDRH, as at August 2008, unless otherwise specified
46Figures sourced from 2007 six-monthly reports and Department of Health and Ageing collated data
47Currently received Department of Health and Ageing funding for 288sqm fit-out to include 2 large tutorial rooms and 4 new offices