Evaluation of the University Departments of Rural Health Program and the Rural Clinical Schools Program

UDRH Site Profile: Spencer Gulf Rural Health School

Page last updated: 2009

Site Detail52

Name and address of main site

Spencer Gulf Rural Health School
University of South Australia
Whyalla Campus
Nicholson Avenue
Whyalla Norrie SA 5608

Collaborating universities

University of Adelaide

Number and location of additional sites (with office space, personnel)


Mission statement

To conduct education and research to improve the health of rural and remote communities.

Start date


Total staffing numbers

18 (10.9 FTE equivalent)

Student numbers

1-2 w Under

2+w Under

1-2 w Post

2+w Post



2008 (Jan-June)


Capital works and facilities as at July 2008


  • The University of South Australia has a campus at Whyalla, and the RCS have a department and student facilities there including classrooms, lecture theatre, video conferencing, computers and library - shared between RCS and UDRH.
  • Student accomodation at Port Lincoln, Port Pirie and Port Augusta
    • Port Lincoln: 5 bedroom fully self contained home with 2 bathrooms, IT access
    • Port Pirie: two 5 bedroom self contained homes joined by walkway wach has 2 bathrooms, IT access
    • Port Augusta: six 2-bedroom units currently being refurbished and will be self contained with IT facilities

Main areas of research interest

  • Cohort study of prevalence of wellness and illness and associated health behaviours in adults and children in Whyalla
  • The role of community pharmacy in post hospital management of patients initiated in warfairn
  • Community interventions to counter overweight and obesity
  • Mitigation of risk factors and risk behaviours of chronic disease self-management programs, including in mental health, and their integration into mainstream health services
  • Child and maternal health and early detection and management of chronic disease in Aboriginal communities
  • Factors and enablers that influence community development in health
  • Rural health workforce

52Data and information provided by the UDRH, as at August 2008, unless otherwise specified
53Figures sourced from 2007 six-monthly reports (sum of individual health disciplines)