Site Detail58

Name and address of main site

University Department of Rural Health, Tasmania
Cnr Charles and Howick Streets
(Locked Bag 1372)
Launceston TAS 7250

Number and location of additional sites (with office space, personnel)

3 additional sites. Hobart, Latrobe (Mersey Community Hospital, (Cradle Coast Campus (Burnie)

Mission statement

The UDRH is committed to improving access to health care resources and contributing to improved health outcomes for people in rural and remote areas of Tasmania by: working collaboratively to achieve an adequate, appropriately trained and stable rural health care workforce; facilities access to appropriate education, and training opportunities, resources and on-going support across the learning continuum: and, promoting and supporting a primary health care approach to rural health research and preventative health strategies.

Start date


Total staffing numbers


Student Numbers

1-2 w Under

2+w Under

1-2 w Post

2+w Post



2008 (Jan-June)


Capital works and facilities as at July 2008


  • Office space for 1 staff member
  • Visiting space, access to a simulation lab is available at the RCS
  • 1 staff member housed at Mersey Community Hospital (Latrobe)


  • Office space for 8 staff
  • 2 meeting spaces
  • Video-conferencing facilities
  • 1 staff member housed at School of Pharmacy
  • Post-graduate research office space for 5 students.


  • UDRH has the main centre in Launceston, facilities include:
    • Office space for 33 staff and 7 post-graduate students
    • 4 teaching spaces
    • 2 meeting spaces
    • 1 small video library
    • 1 video-conferencing space
    • Access to a simulation lab (main campus at Newnham)
  • Rural Health Teaching Sites: King Island, Smithton, George Town, Flinders Island, Scottsdale, Sheffield, St Helens, St Marys, Campbell Town, Queenstown, Oatlands, Dover, Nubeens, Swansea
  • Self-contained student accomodation, including high speed computing access, is available at the Rural Health Teaching Sites

Main areas of research interest

  • Community health development and engagement
  • Rural education and rural practice
  • Inter-professional education
  • Evidence based research and learning
  • Primary health care service models
  • Preventative health care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Mental Health
  • Ageing
  • Health research translation to policy and practice

58Data and information provided by the UDRH, as at August 2008, unless otherwise specified
59Figures sourced from 2007 six-monthly reports