Medical Training Review Panel: thirteenth report

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Page last updated: April 2010

The RACGP sets the standards for general practice training for GP registrars training towards Fellowship of the RACGP. The College has recently received Australian Medical Council accreditation for its general practice education standards and processes for the maximum possible period, to December 2013. The RACGP is the only general practice college that currently holds this accreditation. On successful completion of training and success in the RACGP assessments, candidates are usually eligible for the award of fellowship of the RACGP.

Training Program

The typical length of training is three years.

The typical training program for a registrar is at least 12-month placement at a hospital; 18 months of core training in an RACGP accredited general practice; and a further 6 months in an extended skills post, which may be hospital or general practice based.

Trainee Selection

Applicants for general practice training apply through GPET for selection. The GPET website should be referred to for more information. 4

Trainee Assessment

Formative assessment includes the development of the registrar’s learning plan. This must be done early enough and with sufficient frequency to provide the opportunity for registrars to regularly update their learning plans. Training includes specific, timely and regular feedback to registrars about their performance, including information concerning what needs to be improved and an agreed plan for how to go about making the desired changes.

All GP registrars training towards the FRACGP end point sit the RACGP's examination. It consists of three components - two written and one clinical. Further details are provided on the college's website.