Medical Training Review Panel: sixteenth report


Page last updated: 09 April 2013

List of Tables
List of Figures
Executive Summary
University Medical Training
Prevocational Medical Training
Vocational Medical Training
Female Trainees
International Supply of Medical Practitioners
Chapter 1: Introduction Medical Training Review Panel Structure and Responsibilities
Report Structure
University Medical Education
Prevocational Medical Training
Vocational Medical Training
International Supply
Special Purpose Training Programs
Notes on the Data and its Preparation
Data Sources
Data Quality Issues
Reporting Periods
Examination of Trends
Medical College Acronyms and Specialties
Chapter 2: University Medical Education and Training Medical Students
Current Data
Types of Student Places
Student Characteristics
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Students
Rural Exposure
Medical Graduates
Current Data
Projected Numbers of Graduates
Chapter 3: Prevocational Medical Training Background
Postgraduate Year 1
Current Data
Postgraduate Year 2
Current Data
Chapter 4: Vocational Medical Training Vocational Medical Training in Australia
General Practice Training
Changes to College Training in Australia
Accredited Training
Vocational Training Data
Basic Training
Trends in Basic Vocational Training
Advanced Training
Subspecialty Training
Trends in Advanced Vocational Training
General Practice
Medical College Examinations
Current Data
New College Fellows
Current Data
New Fellows by Subspecialty – Selected Colleges
College Fellows
Fellows by Subspecialty – Selected Colleges
Chapter 5: international Supply Department of Immigration and Citizenship Entry Processes
Temporary Business – Long Stay (Subclass 457) Visa
Medical Practitioner – Temporary (Subclass 422) Visa
Occupational Trainee Visa (Subclass 442)
Current Data
Requirements for Practicing Medicine in Australia
Common Assessment Requirements
Competent Authority Pathway
Standard Pathway
Assessment of Overseas Trained Specialists
Standard Specialist Assessment
Medicare Provider Number Restrictions
Restrictions of Practice
Current Distribution of Overseas Trained Doctors
Chapter 6: Special Purpose Training Programs Background
3GA Providers
Section 3GA Programs
Approved Medical Deputising Services Program
Approved Private Emergency Department Program
Approved Placements for Sports Physicians Program
Sports Physician Trainees
Prevocational General Practice Placements Program
Queensland Country Relieving Doctors Program
Rural Locum Relief Program
Special Approved Placements Program
Temporary Resident Other Medical Practitioners Program
Remote Vocational Training Scheme
Appendices Appendix A: Medical Training Review Panel Role and Membership
Appendix B: Medical College Training Requirements
Appendix C: Glossary of Terms
Appendix D: Extended Data Trend Tables
Appendix E: Data Specifications
Appendix F: Training Program Terminology