Medical Training Review Panel: Seventeenth Report

Australasian College of Sports Physicians

Page last updated: 09 April 2014

Training Program


Applicants for selection for advanced training are required to complete the equivalent of three years general medical and surgical experience since graduation from their undergraduate medical degree, in posts recognised by the Australasian College of Sports Physicians (ACSP). At least two of these three years must have been in full-time positions in hospitals approved by the College.


The advanced training program is of four years duration with a requirement that 3 years FTE are spent fully supervised at Level 1 supervision whereby the supervisor is available in the institution. The fourth year comprises continued supervised training at an accredited training post at Level 2 supervision where the supervisor is not in the institution but is on call locally.

The College's advanced training program is conducted almost exclusively in the private practice environment.

During advanced training, trainees acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are outlined in the curriculum as being required for specialist clinical practice in sport and exercise medicine. The full curriculum is available on the College website at

Trainee Selection

Trainees undergo a selection process for advanced training. Although there is no quota applied, training placements are limited. Selection to advanced training requires successful completion of the College's Part 1, basic medical sciences, examination, curriculum vitae demonstrating an interest in, and commitment to, sport and exercise medicine, satisfactory structured references and satisfactory attendance at interview. Applicants must also be eligible for permanent residency and unconditional registration in Australia or New Zealand. Applicants satisfying all these requirements will be considered for selection into advanced training.

The College conducts one selection process annually.

Trainee Assessment

Advanced Training

Trainees are required to attend six-monthly interviews throughout the period of training. In order to be accredited for the training period, trainees must provide a satisfactory six monthly progress review form prior to the scheduled meeting. The six monthly progress review form is essentially a summary of the learning experiences of the registrar over the preceding six month period and includes reports from all supervisors.

Trainees are also required to demonstrate progress towards completion of a number of workplace based assessments including:

  • Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX);
  • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS); and
  • Case based Discussion (CbD).

And to produce their learning portfolio with all required documentation in relation to their annual learning plan and progress as stipulated in the curriculum.

Trainees are also required to complete a series of post-graduate academic modules in the following subjects:

  • Research Methods;
  • Sports Nutrition;
  • Sport Psychology;
  • Sports Pharmacology; and
  • Biomechanics.

Fellowship Examination

The fellowship examination is an exit examination taken after completion of all supervised training, usually in the final year of training. The examination is designed to verify the clinical competence and safety of the trainee prior to being designated as a specialist. The examination consists of six sections, a written examination comprising a multiple choice question paper and a short answer paper, a long case clinical examination, a short case (acute) clinical examination, a short case (overuse) clinical examination and a viva, all of which must be passed by the candidate.

Overseas Trained Specialists

For those overseas trained specialists seeking fellowship of the ACSP (FACSP), the College conducts an assessment of the overseas trained specialist’s qualification in line with that recommended by the AMC. Key assessment tools are the applicant’s curriculum vitae, followed by response to any specific questions raised by the College.


Training practices are accredited for a period of up to two years and are subject to regular site assessments by the College.

Assessments of all training practices are carried out on a regular cycle. A team of two senior fellows visits the practice and meets with staff, trainees, supervisors and other relevant personnel. The outcome is discussed by the team and reported to the Training Committee, where the decision is made. A written report, which includes both commendations and recommendations, is provided to the training practice on completion of the process.

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