Medical Training Review Panel: Seventeenth Report

RACP – Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine

Page last updated: 09 April 2014

Training Program

The Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine (AChAM) has a three-year vocational training program. Training program requirements depend on the trainee’s prior experience and qualifications and are determined upon application. Program requirements include a minimum of 18 months clinical experience in accredited addiction medicine positions and up to 18 months in approved research, medical, psychiatric or public health positions. Exemptions are available for individuals who have completed addiction psychiatry training with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Trainee Selection

Applicants must be a registered medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand and hold fellowship of a chapter approved college or faculty, or have completed RACP basic training requirements including the examinations.

Trainee Assessment

Assessment includes regular six-monthly supervisor reports, completion of a log book, completion of a quality improvement project, a research project, regular case studies/presentations and/or observed interviews.

Overseas Training Specialists

Refer to the overseas trained specialists section under RACP.

Further Information

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