Medical Training Review Panel: Seventeenth Report

Chapter 1: Introduction

Page last updated: 09 April 2014

The seventeenth annual report of the MTRP documents the availability of training places at the undergraduate, prevocational and vocational levels. The report also includes information about special purpose programs and national projects related to the education and training of medical doctors. The MTRP report is tabled annually in Parliament and distributed to key medical educational stakeholders and jurisdictions as well as being made available to other interested parties and the wider community via the internet1.

The report presents the latest annual information on the different stages in the medical and clinical training pathway, and also includes analysis of trends and patterns in the supply of the medical workforce, where possible back to 1997, the first year of MTRP reporting. Data on medical practitioners who have trained overseas and have applied, or are now working in Australia, are also included.

1) Reports are available on the Australian Government Department of Health website at: .