Medical Training Review Panel: Seventeenth Report

Chapter 6: Special Purpose Training Programs

Page last updated: 09 April 2014

This chapter reports on the Special Purpose Training Programs established under section 3GA of the Act. Section 3GA programs target particular workforce requirements. These include vocational training, vocational recognition and other training needs.

Special Purpose Training Programs also provide for those doctors seeking vocational recognition, but who are not involved in a specialist training program. Many of the Special Purpose Training Programs offer a range of incentives to doctors. The two most common incentives are access to a Medicare provider number and access to the higher A1 Medicare rebate. Other incentives may involve access to an alternative vocational training pathway, the opportunity to broaden the range of clinical experience within an existing training pathway or special support in achieving vocational recognition.

Some of these programs specifically cover doctors who have trained overseas to assist with their integration into the Australian workforce and to promote them working in areas of workforce shortage.