This report has been compiled from the most recent national data on the current health workforce in Australia and its distribution in rural and regional Australia, as well as being informed by input from key stakeholders who provided submissions and/or were contacted in the process.

The current distribution of the health workforce in rural and regional Australia is presented in Chapter 2. Issues with the quality and coverage of the data held on the Australian health workforce are identified and the information in this chapter is qualified by those concerns.

Chapter 3 describes the current supply of the health professions and provides information on the numbers and proportions of Australian and overseas trained health professionals in the rural and regional health workforce. It also discusses the trends in population changes that will place added demands upon the health system.

The evidence of distribution and availability of the health workforce throughout rural and regional Australia that emerges from the data has been enhanced by input from health professional and rural organisations, and from some individual correspondents. This information is summarised in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 briefly presents information on current roles of health professionals and developments internationally and nationally of additional health professional roles.

The key findings of this audit are summarised in Chapter 6.