Report on the Audit of Health Workforce in Rural and Regional Australia

1.4 Stakeholder consultations

Page last updated: April 2008

Data analysis has been supplemented by information from health professional and rural organisations and from some individual correspondents where these were received in direct submissions to the Department following the announcement of the audit. Further information from these organisations and others was sought prior to the completion of the audit report to broaden the range of input considered in preparation of the audit and to provide insight into the current concerns and experiences of health professionals and communities in rural and regional Australia.

In total, 78 stakeholder organisations with an interest in health workforce issues in rural and regional areas were approached, including peak bodies representing the medical, nursing and allied health workforce, education and training institutions, specialist medical colleges, regulatory bodies, hospital associations, rural health service providers, consumer groups and other advocacy organisations. Approximately half of all the organisations that were approached provided oral or written comments. Some comments have been incorporated throughout this report. Other input will inform other work being undertaken by the Australian Government. The list of stakeholders is provided at Attachment A.