Report on the Audit of Health Workforce in Rural and Regional Australia

1.6 Scope of the audit

Page last updated: April 2008

The health professions that have been included within the scope of the audit are those occupational groups that are currently registered in all states and territories and for which current data across states and territories are broadly comparable, as well as being those occupations that are covered under the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

The health professions included are medical, nursing, dentistry and the allied health professions to be covered under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, namely chiropractics, optometry, osteopathy, pharmacy, physiotherapy and psychology. Aboriginal health workers were also included given their role in delivering services in rural and remote Australia.

Some professions that are not registered in all states and territories, but are eligible for registration for particular services in the Medical Benefits Schedule, such as social workers and occupational therapists, were not considered.