Report on the Audit of Health Workforce in Rural and Regional Australia

4. Stakeholder information and experience

Page last updated: April 2008

To assist with analysis of the available national data for this audit, the Department of Health and Ageing (the Department) contacted 78 stakeholder organisations, constituting a wide range of organisations with an interest in health workforce issues in rural and regional areas. This included peak bodies representing the medical, nursing and allied health workforce, education and training institutions, specialist medical colleges, regulatory bodies, hospital associations, rural health service providers, consumer groups and other advocacy organisations. A number of these organisations had provided direct submissions to the audit. Some had provided information in discussions with the Department. Others had provided data, information and/or comments on government policy in a range of documents and publications or through public statements.

In contacting the organisations listed at Attachment A, Departmental officers invited additional comment to what had already been received; information or comment from those organisations that had not recently been in contact with the Department on these issues; and invited all organisations to provide examples of particular aspects of workforce availability and accessibility.

Stakeholder information and comment has been collated under the major themes that emerged. Stakeholders also provided a range of suggestions and proposed solutions that were outside the scope of this audit report, but will inform additional work being undertaken by the Department. The input is summarised below.