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This online training facility contains several modules to give you information about the SSBA Regulatory Scheme. The content is comprehensive and each module is like a separate course. It is designed for all affected stakeholders regardless of their experience with the SSBA Regulatory Scheme. You should set aside up to an hour a day to enable you to complete the course over a couple of weeks, or you can simply choose to complete modules relevant to your situation. At the completion of most modules you will be given a quiz to confirm your understanding of the module's content. We recommend that you print the results of this quiz and provide a copy to your Responsible Officer as a record of your training.

The time it takes to complete each module will depend on your learning style and experience.

Please note that the online training facility covers some of the requirements for mandatory training under the SSBA Standards clause 3.9. It does not cover the entity/facility specific requirements set out in Part 3 of the SSBA Standards. Training by your entity/facility is important to ensure your understanding of how the NHS Act, NHS Regulations and SSBA Standards apply to your facility, as well as your entity’s policies and procedures for handling SSBAs. You will need to speak to your Responsible Officer to organise facility specific training and any other remaining training requirements of the SSBA Standards.

Updates or information messages

Personal Security Module

A new module has been added to the online training facility covering Personal Security. This module was prepared for the Department of Health and Ageing by the West Coast Institute of Training, International Academy of Law Enforcement and Security.
This new module covers:

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The Office of Health Protection (OHP) within the Department of Health and Ageing is the division responsible for administering the Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBA) Regulatory Scheme.

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