Canteen Manager Training Part 1


Page last updated: 08 October 2013

The session today will be interactive and we will be completing exercises and hands-on activities to maximise your learning experience.

In the materials provided today, you will find a Participant’s Workbook and the Guidelines for healthy foods and drinks supplied in school canteens. These will be the main resources used during today’s training. When you see the ‘thinking person’, that signifies a group discussion and the hand/pen relates to written activities. There is space in your Workbooks to write down notes for both types of activities.

You will also receive some reference materials (Food for Health, AGHE consumers guide), posters for your canteen, food safety fact sheet and food labels (used in one of the activities).

Before you leave today you will be given a CD that contains a brief Power Point presentation with presenter’s notes and an example Pocket Guide, these will assist you to communicate the NHSC Guidelines to your school community.

Your feedback is valuable and will help to improve these training sessions, so please fill in the evaluation form provided and leave it with us at the end of the session.

Go through the usual housekeeping (where are the toilets, schedule for the day, breaks etc.)