Module 6: how drugs work: facilitator's guide

5.1 Methods of drug administration

Page last updated: 2004

Drug administration refers to how a drug enters the body.

The most common methods include:

  • injecting
  • smoking
  • inhaling
  • snorting
  • swallowing
Question - What are three of the most popular methods of administering drugs for young people you work with?

Question - What could be some of the advantages and disadvantages that young people might perceive for each of these three methods of administration?

Answer - Method of administration:
  • swallowing

    • advantages: easy
    • disadvantages: effects can be slow

  • smoking:

    • advantages: familiar, can have rapid effect
    • disadvantages: can be detected easily

  • snorting:

    • advantages: rapid effect
    • disadvantages: can damage nostrils
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