Mealtimes should provide a safe environment for children to try a variety of new foods. Appealing meals that offer a variety of tastes and textures allow children to experience and become familiar with many different foods. Regularly offering new foods, from a range of textures, flavours and colours, along with familiar ones will encourage children in their eating. New foods may not be tasted on the first few occasions, but can continue to be offered. Group situations can be an incentive for children to try new foods, as they may be more inclined to try them when they see their peers enjoying them. Praise children for tasting new foods, even if they do not eat much of the food.

In early childhood settings where food is not provided, but brought from home, parents can be encouraged to provide a variety of foods for their children. The mealtime environment can still be supportive of children eating a variety of foods. Although sharing foods is not recommended, it can be helpful to discuss with children the variety of foods brought in lunchboxes, without singling out particular children. Settings can use their food and nutrition policies to outline how they will support parents to provide a variety of nutritious foods for their children each day.