The Link Between Primary Health Care and Health Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Appendix 2

This review explores the evidence both domestically and internationally as to whether access to high quality primary health care is essential to enhancing Indigenous health status.

Page last updated: June 2008

Interview outline for modified Delphi method panellists

We want to ask you about an Indigenous community (or communities) that you have worked with or of which you are aware where health (or some aspect of health) improved for the people there.

1. What about the health status of the people in that community improved?
2. What aspects of health improved? (e.g. infant and child health, nutrition, maternal health, adult health, health of old people)
3. How was this change measured? (e.g. service statistics, research / evaluation / observation)
4. Can you attribute at least part of this improvement to primary health care?
5. If PHC had an effect, what specifically about PHC was important?
  • Better access to services (including links to hospital / specialist services)
  • Specific programs (e.g. immunisations, child and maternal health, chronic disease management, social and emotional well-being, drug and alcohol interventions etc)
  • Organisation of the service (e.g. community involvement, evidence-based programs, workforce, resourcing)
6. If PHC did not have a direct effect, what caused the change in health status? For example, better housing, transport, education, local economy etc
7. Did the primary health care service have an indirect effect on the existence or shape on the factors that did contribute to better health? (e.g. through advocacy for better housing, environmental health etc)
8. Are there any published studies documenting the changes above? If so, where could we find them?
9. Are there other places where this has been written up – presentations, unpublished reports, conference papers? If so, are we able to access a copy?
10. Are you aware of other communities where primary health care may have had a positive effect on health? If so, where are they and who would be able to give us more information on these examples?
Thinking more generally about the effects of primary health care on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities...
11. Who else do you suggest we speak to in order to understand these effects?
12. Nominate a second person who has a different perspective on these issues to yourself.