The Link Between Primary Health Care and Health Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

The review team

This review explores the evidence both domestically and internationally as to whether access to high quality primary health care is essential to enhancing Indigenous health status.

Page last updated: June 2008

This review was commissioned by the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health from Robert Griew Consulting (RGC). The team to carry out the Review were:

  • Associate Professor Robert Griew, Managing Director of RGC;
  • Dr David Thomas, Team Leader Chronic Disease Stream, Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin;
  • Mr Edward Tilton, Senior Consultant, RGC;
  • Mr Nick Cox, Research Associate, RGC.
Robert Griew led the Review Team. David Thomas and Edward Tilton completed the literature review. Edward Tilton, Nick Cox and Robert Griew conducted the interviews with experts and contacted community organisations. The team met regularly to discuss the review’s findings and their policy implications. All team members reviewed and are responsible for the final report.