The Link Between Primary Health Care and Health Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians


This review explores the evidence both domestically and internationally as to whether access to high quality primary health care is essential to enhancing Indigenous health status.

Page last updated: June 2008

Although the primary source informing this report was the published literature, the review team also sought specific views from experienced professionals and representative organisations in the Aboriginal health field. They are listed in Appendix 1, and we gratefully acknowledge their contribution.

We would also like to acknowledge the constructive comments from Australian Government officials and in particular from the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health’s Mr Peter McInnes and Dr Joy Eshpeter.

Professor Ian Anderson of the Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit at the Centre for Health and Society (School of Population Health, University of Melbourne) and the National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS) at the Australian Bureau of Statistics also provided lucid comments on a final draft of the report, for which we are most grateful.

Naturally, the report remains the product of the review team and does not necessarily represent the views of those who assisted us or of the Australian Government.