Attachment C: National Program Grants


Page last updated: 20 April 2012

Organisation name:

National Heart Foundation of Australia (N.S.W. Division)

Brief outline of program:

The Heartmoves program is an evidence-based, low to moderate physical activity program which incorporates components of aerobic activity, weight-bearing (or resistance) exercise, balance and stretching.

The structure of a Heartmoves program fits within a 60 minute timeslot, depending on the venue, clients and leader. It has mandatory minimum ten minute warm-up and cool-down periods and allows for social interaction. Programs are fun and social and are made up of exercises to improve:
  • fitness – aerobic-style activities;
  • balance – activities that promote stability;
  • strength – resistance activities using any equipment available such as weights, resistance bands, machines, or body weight and gravity;
  • flexibility – active and passive stretching movements;
  • coordination –activities that develop gross and fine motor skills;
  • social interaction – using games and partner interaction; and
  • functional ability – activities to aid daily living.
Modifications may be made to the program delivery to suit community needs. Each individual Heartmoves program will be different as they are developed by each Heartmoves Leader, who will adapt the program to the needs and abilities of the participants. The program can be delivered as a water-based program if necessary and there is scope in the program to offer seated versions of all exercises to accommodate participants of all levels and abilities.

The program is offered on an ongoing basis and is not time-limited (that is, it does not operate for a specific number of weeks, but runs continuously).

There is a maximum of 30 participants per group.

Program target:

Heartmoves caters for all adults, and is specifically designed to be safe for people who may have risk factors (such as obesity) or health conditions (such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). The program is suitable for those who are new to exercise.

Who delivers the program?

Only fitness and exercise leaders who have completed the Heartmoves program may deliver the program. To be eligible for Heartmoves training, individuals must be qualified in one of the following areas:
  • Fitness Leaders – registered with Fitness Australia and holding Certificate III or Certificate IV and as required the Older Adults unit of Competency, with demonstrated experience in running tailored group exercise programs for adults;
  • Exercise Physiologists – registered with Exercise Sports Science Association;
  • Physiotherapists – registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association;
  • Diabetes Educators – registered with Australian Diabetes Educators Association; or
  • Health Professionals – employed by state or federal health departments or Divisions of General Practice and insured by their employer to deliver the Heartmoves program to clients of the service (e.g., Aboriginal Health Workers).

Training provided to those who deliver the program:

Heartmoves uses a train-the-trainer model to provide eligible health and fitness providers with the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver the program. Heartmoves training courses are delivered by teams made up of presenters with expertise in cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes education, population health/behaviour change, and exercise/fitness.

Heartmoves training is currently delivered face-to-face over three days. A blended learning model is currently being developed to enable the theoretical component to be completed by distance, with practical and case-study work to be completed in a two day face-to-face workshop. It will be available in early 2011.

Heartmoves training will be delivered in all states and territories except Northern Territory and South Australia (travel and accommodation subsidies may be available for potential Heartmoves Leaders in these states).

On completion of the training, Heartmoves Leaders will be accredited to deliver the program and will receive Continuing Education Credit points from their relevant professional body. Reaccreditation is required every two years.

Cost of training and licensing:


The cost for completing the Heartmoves training is normally $580. A $300 rebate is available for up to two potential Leaders per Healthy Communities funded LGA, bringing the cost per Leader to $280. A travel rebate of up to $300 is also available for up to two Leaders per LGA.

In addition, up to $2,500 in training course costs and travel rebates will be made available to assist potential Leaders in Healthy Communities funded LGAs in the Northern Territory and South Australia to access a Heartmoves training course. Certain eligibility requirements apply.


To deliver Heartmoves programs, fitness business/leaders take out a licence with the Heart Foundation.

The cost for a freelance license is $200 per year, enabling an individual leader to deliver programs in multiple venues.

The cost of a host license for a fitness centre is $500 per year. This license covers all accredited Heartmoves Leaders employed in that business and enables multiple programs to be delivered. A special host license for not-for-profit organisations (e.g., Aboriginal Health Services) is available for $100 per year.

Cost of participating in the program:

Participant fees are set by individual Heartmoves Leaders and depend on venue costs, available subsidies, etc. Costs range from $5 to $12 per class per person, with some centres offering reduced Heartmoves annual memberships.

There is no cost to LGAs who want to utilise the program. However, LGA Grant recipients may choose to directly subsidise some of the participant costs or become a licensed provider themselves and pay a retainer to a Heartmoves Leader to deliver the program for free/at low cost in return for free access to a venue. Alternatively, LGA Grant recipients may wish to assist Leaders with the cost of completing the Heartmoves training in return for them setting lower participant fees.

Venue and equipment:

Heartmoves programs are commonly offered in fitness facilities, community settings, workplaces, aged-care facilities or Aboriginal medical services. The program can be delivered in pools and/or in parks or other community venues, including where there is very limited or no access to exercise equipment.

How the organisation will engage with LGAs to offer the program:

The Heart Foundation will contact LGA Grant recipients to:
  • introduce the Heartmoves program;
  • identify any existing Heartmoves Leaders in the local area who may already be trained and negotiate with them about the potential to expand their delivery of the program; and
  • identify community members who could undergo the Heartmoves training.
The Heart Foundation will establish relationships with local stakeholders, including Divisions of General Practice, rehabilitation services, disease specific support groups (e.g., Diabetes support groups), and welfare NGOs (e.g., Salvation Army, Smith Family) and brief them about the program. Information will be provided through seminars, newsletters or demonstrations.

How the organisation will support the delivery of the program in LGAs:

A communication kit will be provided to LGA Grant recipients with resources, case studies and tools for implementing the program in their local area.

Heartmoves Leaders and Healthy Community Coordinators in each LGA will receive regular teleconference support to launch, deliver, and sustainably grow the program. Support materials are also provided, including a training manual, program launch procedures, promotional material, referral forms, assessment and feedback forms, etc. The Heart Foundation will also assist Heartmoves Leaders and LGAs with GP referral procedures, developing stakeholder relationships, and promoting the program in the local community, including holding local Heartmoves seminars and assisting with media releases.

A dedicated website is available, where Leaders can access marketing materials, new session formats and tips for making the Heartmoves program work for their community. The public can also search the website to easily locate their nearest Heartmoves program.

More information:

For more information, visit or contact Garry Lewis on (02) 9219 2461 or email