A review of enablers and barriers of Indigenous drug users accessing needle and syringe programs - a report for the COAG Multilateral Group on Needle and Syringe Programs

This study examined factors that either deter or support access to Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) services among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander injecting drug users (IDUs).

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Prepared for Department of Health and Ageing
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601
June 2008

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Urbis expresses its thanks to the members both of the Reference Group and of the COAG Group on Needle and Syringe Programs for their advice and suggestions over the course of the study. As Appendix A makes clear, many other people across Australia contributed to the project in various ways, and we have greatly appreciated their willingness to share their knowledge, ideas and insights. In particular we thank all of those working in Needle and Syringe Programs for their co-operation and assistance, and the drug users in various locations who made unique contributions from their own experience and understandings.

Urbis remains responsible for the report and its findings.

Reference Group

  • Dr Cindy Shannon, Chair
  • Dr Linda Banach, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
  • Michael Costello, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation (AFAO)
  • Meghan Hayes, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • Christopher Mackenzie Davey, Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH)
  • Sue Morley, National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Council (NIDAC)
  • Tamara Speed, Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)
  • Dr Carla Treloar, National Centre in HIV Research, University of NSW
  • John Van Den Dungen, The Connection
  • Gino Vumbaca, Australian National Council on Drugs

COAG Group on Needle and Syringe Programs

  • NSW - Owen Westcott
  • ACT - Helen Delany
  • Victoria - Roland Jauernig
  • South Australia - Stephen Lymb
  • Western Australia - Jude Bevan
  • Northern Territory - Jamie Broadfoot
  • Queensland - Robert Kemp

Study Team

  • John Schwartzkoff
  • Kerry Reed-Gilbert
  • Karen Milward
  • Samantha Ross
  • Nichola Keevey
  • Murray Benton
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