The calculations and interpretations presented in this report were made by the modeling team consisting of Niels Becker, Kathryn Glass, Belinda Barnes, Peter Caley, David Philp (ANU), James McCaw, Jodie McVernon (UMelb) and James Wood (USyd).

We would like to acknowledge the benefit we have derived from comments and suggestions made by members of NIPAC and individually by John Mathews, Terry Nolan (UMelb), Raina MacIntyre (USyd), Aileen Plant (CurtinU), Paul Armstrong (NSW Health) and Robert Hall (Vic Health).

The modeling assumptions used and interpretations of results presented in this report are those of the modeling team, and do not necessarily represent the views of people who have given advice.

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Using Mathematical Models to Assess Responses to an Outbreak of an Emerged Viral Respiratory Disease(PDF 873 KB)