National mental health information priorities 2nd edition

1.10 - Benefits of a national approach to mental health information

Page last updated: June 2005

The approach being pursued under the National Mental Health Strategy is intended to have several benefits:

  • It produces economies by reducing duplication of effort by jurisdictions in finding solutions to common issues, while enabling targeting of the remaining resources to other problems.

  • It allows for the combined input of all stakeholders to contribute to solving complex issues that are often beyond the capacity of local resources.

  • The collection and sharing of uniform data allows comparisons between services and opportunities for benchmarking and related quality improvement activities, within and between jurisdictions.

  • The national pooling of data gives greater depth to the analysis of issues and informs debates about mental health and mental health services in Australia.

  • A national approach provides a means for issues of national significance, such as the monitoring of population mental health, to be addressed with the combined resources of all parties.

  • It provides a basis for international and interstate comparisons that could otherwise not occur. This allows Australia to account for and monitor itself in an international context as well as to monitor various regional subdivisions such as by State and Territory