National standards for mental health services 2010

Standard 3. Consumer and carer participation

Page last updated: 2010

Consumers and carers are actively involved in the development, planning, delivery and evaluation of services.


The MHS has processes to actively involve consumers and carers in planning, service delivery, evaluation and quality programs.
The MHS upholds the right of the consumer and their carer(s) to have their needs and feedback taken into account in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services.
The MHS provides training and support for consumers, carers and staff, which maximise consumer and carer(s) representation and participation in the MHS.
Consumers and carers have the right to independently determine who will represent their views to the MHS.
The MHS provides ongoing training and support to consumers and carers who are involved in formal advocacy and/or support roles within the MHS.
Where the MHS employs consumers and carers, the MHS is responsible for ensuring mentoring and supervision is provided.
The MHS has policies and procedures to assist consumers and carers to participate in the relevant committees, including payment (direct or in-kind) and/or reimbursement of expenses when formally engaged in activities undertaken for the MHS.