2006 Reviewers index for Communicable Diseases Intelligence - Volume 30

This page contains a list of reviewers who participated in the pre-editing process of the Communicable Diseases Intelligence, during 2006.

Page last updated: 22 February 2007

A print friendly PDF version is available from this Communicable Diseases Intelligence issue's table of contents.

The CDI staff wish to thank the following reviewers for their valued assistance throughout the year.

Mark Bartlett, John Bates, Scott Cameron, Patrick Charles, Maria Craig, Dominic Dwyer, Heather Gidding, Kirsty Hope, Tim Inglis, Darren Jardine, Heath Kelly, Ann Kempe, Gary Lum, Peter Markey, Ann Mcdonald, Peter McIntyre, Emma Miller, Adrian Mindel, Joanne Molloy, Jennifer Robson, Paul Roche, Krys Sadkowsky, David Smith, Kefle Yohannes.

This index was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 30, No 4, December 2006.