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Announcing a change in editorial staff.

Page last updated: 30 September 2008

Many thanks from the Communicable Disease Network Australia

Paul Roche has been with the Surveillance Unit (in various forms) for over seven years and has been in many ways the backbone for much of surveillance through the years. He has always been unswervingly generous, calm and professional in giving of his time and expertise. He is generous with his words too – as you only have to look at most any issue of CDI to affirm. He has supported several subcommittees – NTAC and the IPD Working Group are the two I am most familiar with – and his support has been invaluable. He has also done some succession planning and for that we thank him – and welcome his successors – to big shoes.

So, many and sincere thanks to you, Paul. I know you are moving on to lofty places – where your knowledge, skills and language will be well appreciated and you will also find many challenges. A fond farewell.

Vicki Krause
Chair, CDNA

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This issue - Vol 32 No 3, September 2008