New features for the Communicable Diseases Intelligence web site

Announcement about the new search engine and subscription options that have been developed for the Communicable Diseases Intelligence journal

Page last updated: 30 September 2012

A print friendly PDF version is available from this Communicable Diseases Intelligence issue's table of contents.

The CDI Editorial Team has been working to introduce some exciting new changes to improve access to articles on the Department of Health and Ageing’s web site. CDI is no longer being produced in hard copy and is available in HTML and PDF format from: You can now subscribe to the new electronic notification system from the ‘Subscribe link’ on any CDI web page. Subscribers will be sent an email when new content is added to the web site.

The second new feature is the ability to search exclusively for CDI articles without the need to retrieve content from the department’s web site. Both of these new features can be accessed from any CDI web page.

CDI will also be moving to an Online first format. This format will allow articles to be published online as soon as the editorial process is complete, and will allow for timely publication of information on recent outbreaks. Articles will be consolidated into a single issue at the end of each quarter.

We welcome articles on recent outbreaks or trends in communicable diseases in Australia. Authors should send their manuscripts for consideration to cdi.editor AT taking note of the Instructions for authors available from: These instructions will be reviewed and updated in the coming months.

Margaret Curran
Communicable Diseases Intelligence