Reviewers for Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 2014

These people reviewed articles for the CDI journal during 2014

Page last updated: 24 December 2014

The Communicable Diseases Intelligence staff wish to thank the following reviewers for their valued assistance throughout the year.

Tony Adams, David Allen, Kate Astridge, Rob Baird, Mary Barton, Frank Beard, Margaret Burgess, Scott Crearer, Emily Fearnley, Mark Ferson, Stephen Graham, Michelle Green, Rob Hall, Joanne Hewitt, Grant Hill-Cawthorne, Rebecca Hundy, Paul Johnson, Cheryl Jones, Heath Kelly, Ann Kemp, Tom Kierdzynski, Tony Korman, Vicky Krause, Karin Lalor, Stephen Lambert, Nicolee Martin, Peter McIntyre, Scott McKeown, Rob Menzies, Cameron Moffatt, Jenny Musto, Bridget O’Connor, Mahomed Patel, Kate Pennington, Nevada Pingault, Helen Quinn, Jane Rapauch, Sigrun Roesel, Stacey Rowe, Linda Selvey, Timothy Sloan-Gardner, Sheena Sullivan, Janet Terry, Kerri Viney, Justin Waring, Rosalind Webby, Stephanie Williams, Anthony Zammitt

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