Reviewers for Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 2016

This document lists the people who provided their services to review articles for CDI during 2016.

Page last updated: 24 December 2016

The CDI staff wish to thank the following reviewers for their valued assistance throughout the year. Ross Andrews, Frances Birrell, Sandra Carlson, Anna Colwell, Paul Corben, Chris Coulter, Craig Dalton, Stephanie Davis, Justin Denholm, David Durrheim, Mark Ferson, Marianne Gale, Katherine Gibney, Anna Glynn-Robinson, Alan Hampson, Sonia Harmen, Rebecca Hundy, Vicki Krause, Stephen Lambert, Gary Lum, Helen Marshall, Peter Massey, Bridget O’Connor, Rhonda Owen, Mahomed Patel, Nevada Pingault, Gayle Pollard, Razlyn Rashim, Alice Richardson, Katrina Roper, Dave Spratt, Liza Szabo, Ee Laine Tay, Kathryn Taylor, Stephanie Williams