Reviewers for the Communicable Diseases Intelligence supplement on antimicrobial resistance

This page contains a list of the people who peer-reviewed the published in the Communicable Diseases Intelligence supplement on Antimicrobial resistance in Australia, (Volume 27, Suppl, May 2003)

Page last updated: 04 July 2003

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The Communicable Diseases Intelligence editors thank the following reviewers for their assistance in producing this supplement.

Mary Barton, Lindsay Blackburn, Angus Cameron, Keryn Christiansen, Peter Collignon, Celia Cooper, Scott Crear, Kevin Doyle, Gary Dowse, John Ferguson, Sandra Gebbie, Alex Geue, Stephen Glanville, Lyn Gilbert, Rod Givney, Ruth Hall, Linda Halliday, Martyn Kirk, Robyn Leader, Gary Lum, Peter MacIsaacs, John Mathews, Moira McKinnon, Graeme Nimmo, Eddie O'Brien, Kerry-Ann O'Grady, John Pearman, Tom Riley, Lance Sanders, Terry Spencer, Ashley Watson, Lynn Weeks, Edwina Wright.

This article was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 27 Suppl, May 2003.

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