Review: Policies, procedures and guidelines for point-of-care testing


Page last updated: 14 May 2013

The author acknowledges the support provided by RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Pty Ltd, which was funded by the Australian Government through the Quality Use of Pathology Program to undertake this review.

The author is also extremely appreciative of the invaluable comments and information supplied by local and international experts. As stated previously however, the content of this review is solely the responsibility of the author. Information received from the following persons is very much appreciated:

Graham Beastall (UK), David Bullock (UK), David Burnett (UK), Chris Florkowski (NZ), Callum Fraser (UK), Ian Gardner (Aus), Arun Garg (Can), Janice Gill (Aus), Barbara Goldsmith (USA), Calvin Gutkin (Can), Catherine Hammett-Stabler (USA), Brad Karon (USA), Peter Luppa (FDR), Barbara Mitchell (USA), James Nichols (USA), Christine Nielsen (Can), Dan Ostergaard (USA), Andrew Padmos (Can), Mark Shephard (Aus), Andrew St John (Aus), Rosy Tirimacco (Aus).