Australia's notifiable diseases status, 2008: Annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System - Acknowledgements

The Australia’s notifiable diseases status, 2008 report provides data and an analysis of communicable disease incidence in Australia during 2008. The full report is available in 16 HTML documents. The full report is also available in PDF format from the Table of contents page.

Page last updated: 30 September 2010

This article {extract} was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Vol 34 No 3 September 2010 and may be downloaded as a full version PDF from the Table of contents page.


The authors wish to thank the following people for their contribution to this report.

Alison Milton, Office of Health Protection

Timothy Sloan-Gardner, Office of Health Protection

Katrina Choi, Department of Health and Ageing

Alice Knight, Department of Health and Ageing

Rebecca Hundy, ACT Health

Andrew Marich, NSW Department of Health

Kate Ward, NSW Department of Health

Peter Markey, Northern Territory

Frances Birrell, Queensland Health

Hai Phung, Queensland Health

Joy Copland, South Australia Health

David Coleman, Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services

Stacey Rowe, Department of Health Victoria

Gary Dowse, Western Australia Department of Health

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Author details

Coordinating author: Leah Newman

Data management and mapping: Stefan Stirzaker, Dougald Knuckey

Bloodborne diseases: Kate Robinson

Gastrointestinal diseases: Jennie Hood, Katrina Knope

Quarantinable diseases: Gerard Fitzsimmons, Katrina Knope, Jennie Hood

Sexually transmissible infections: Kate Robinson

Vaccine preventable diseases: Susan Barker, Nicolee Martin, Samantha Siripol, Indra Gajanayake, Marlena Kaczmarek, Ian Barr, Aurysia Hii, Ruth Foxwell, Rhonda Owen, Conan Liu

Vectorborne diseases: Jennie Hood, Phil Wright, Gerard Fitzsimmons

Zoonoses: Jennie Hood, Gerard Fitzsimmons, Lance Sanders

Other bacterial infections: Christina Barry, Susan Barker, Jolene Ormond, Conan Liu

With contributions from:

National organisations

Communicable Diseases Network Australia and subcommittees

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian Sentinel Practice Research Network

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases

National Enteric Pathogens Surveillance Scheme

OzFoodNet Working Group

World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza

State and territory health departments

Communicable Diseases Control, ACT Health, Australian Capital Territory

Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control Unit, NSW Department of Health, New South Wales

Centre for Disease Control, Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services, Northern Territory

Communicable Diseases Branch, Queensland Health, Queensland

Communicable Disease Control, South Australian Department of Health, South Australia

Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania

Communicable Diseases Section, Department of Human Services, Victoria

Communicable Diseases Control Directorate, Department of Health, Western Australia

Corresponding author: Ms Leah Newman, Systems and Coordination Section, Office of Health Protection, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, GPO Box 4898, MDP 14, CANBERRA, ACT 2601. Telephone: +61 2 6289 2761. Facsimile: +61 2 6289 2600. Email:

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